Department of International Law is one of the most advanced national schools training the globally oriented lawyers with practical skills. The department consists of the faculty deeply dedicated and committed to the importance of studying international law in order to improve our global community. High professional skills of the department staff is proved by the fact that most of them have experience in government and research institutions, as the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Legislative Institute of Ministry of Justice and others. Some lecturers are experts at governmental organs, Supreme Court, are editors at scientific journals in Kazakhstan and abroad.

A distinctive feature of our department is that all lecturers of the department have a perfect command of foreign languages. This, in turn, enables us to provide students with educational materials in different languages, which consequently increases the level of awareness of students, undergraduates and doctoral students.

Objectives of the department are:

  • to ensure the country with a leading position in the field of training of specialists in public international law;

  • training of teaching staff;

  • strengthening of cooperation with the department of public authorities, international educational institutions, etc.;

  • development of scientific and research activities of the department staff;

  • implementation of international standards for quality education;

  • strengthening the academic reputation of the department.


Head of the Department

Abylayuly Abay, doctor PhD

The Department of the International law offers a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a doctorate PhD program in international law.