High School of Law (HSL) is proud of its graduates! Success of University depends on the successful of its graduates.

HSL is happy to provide the following list of services, which are available to alumni:

  • Professional development programs are free;
  • Accession to information resources of KAZGUU University library is free;
  • The office for professional practice, career and employment tries to provide the employment of graduates: job information is posted on the website every week and office staffs help employers to select excellent candidates.

It is necessary to get a graduate card in order to get available services.

You will get the graduate card after sending the following information to the email oppkit@mail.ru:

1. The scanned photo in size 3*4

2. Full name

3. Training program

4. Year graduation

5. Workplace

6. Position

7. Contacts

  • If you changed your workplace, email address and phone number than send us your new data to the email oppkit@mail.ru.

  • Follow email letters about events, news, competitions, etc.

  • Unite with alumni of your region or others, who share your interests

Create your own professional network and keep in touch with other alumni via the official pages of KAZGUU University on websites Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte.