Results of 2017-2018 academic year

The next academic year has ended, the most active year for our team, and it’s time to summarize our results.
During this year, the Law Clinic provided legal advice and legal assistance on 77 appeals, including online, offline communication, telephone communication, written consultations via email and direct appeals.

Feedback is maintained with customers, many of them apply for help again.

The main form of work is legal advice, which is provided to anyone who applies both orally and in writing, depending on the client’s wishes or the form of the application.

Out of the total number of appeals, 12 cases were provided with legal assistance, the subjects of which are the socially vulnerable category of the population. Assistance is provided both in the preparation of letters of claim, statements of claim, objections to the claim, appeals, draft contracts, and in participation in conciliation procedures, negotiations and trials at various stages.

Out of the 12 cases mentioned, 6 were represented by the team of the Law Clinic, 5 of which resulted in either a complete victory or satisfaction of the client’s interests to the maximum extent. The most important results are published on our page and in The Phoenix magazine.

Another form of activity of the KAZGUU Law Clinic is on-site consultations. The staff of the clinic conducts legal consultations on a regular basis in the Mother’s House. During the consultations, explanations of the current family, labor, housing and land legislation are provided.

The goal of the Law clinic is also to increase the legal literacy of the population, in this regard, our team visited the Orphanage in Astana to conduct a seminar on the rights of the child for children of 8-11 grades.

The seminar was organized in such a way that children had the opportunity to actively participate in it, to ask questions of interest to them, as well as to test their knowledge in the field of fundamental rights of the child at the quiz held at the end of the seminar.

Our team is committed to continuing to serve people and the community by providing free legal advice, providing legal assistance, and spreading legal knowledge.