The Mission:
Preparation of highly qualified specialists in law, competitive in national and international labor market.
The feature of KAZGUU Law School:
KAZGUU Law School is a leader in the field of law education and law science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which meets international standards.


High School of Law Development Program defines 6 strategic directions:

Strategic direction 1. Development and improvement of quality of research and innovation work
Strategic direction 2. Provision of international standards of quality education

Strategic direction 3. Formation of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University as an open platform to establish strategic cooperation with leading universities of the world

Strategic direction 4. Personnel training in accordance with international standards (improvement of innovation work and creative initiatives, professional and personal development of the departments)

Strategic direction 5. Increase of academic reputation of Departments and University as a whole

Strategic direction 6. Development of infrastructure, material and technical basis in accordance with international standards