Olga Bektibayeva
Dean, PhD
Office 508
Olga Gorstka
Vice-dean for bachelor’s degree
Office 508
Dana Utegen
Vice-dean for academic support and employment
Office 508
Maksat Abaidullayev
Vice-dean for science, postgraduate education and development
Office 508
Zhannetta Kalisheva
Chair of Ethics Committee
Abay Abylaiuly
Chairman of Research Committee, International Law Programme Director
Oxana Voznyak
Chair of Quality Assurance Committee
Ester Babadzhanyan
Law Programme Director
Ermek Sokurova
Law and law enforcement Programme Director
Raushan Omarova
Head of Office of advisers
Office 233
Assel Altynbekova
Tutor manager of postgraduate education and distance learning
Office 508
Assylbek Kaparov
LS Assistant
Office 509
Roman Malkov
LS Assistant
Office 509