Office of professional practice, employment and career is a working body of the Coordination Council of Employers.

Website of the Office of professional practices, employment and career

Goal of the Office is to assist students and graduates in planning the career, in the formation of practical skills and improving the professional competencies that enhance their competitiveness in the labor market.


  • оrganize the work on conducting internal documentation and the conclusion of agreements with the heads of the enterprises (organizations, agencies), acting as a practice base for students;
  • сarry out activities aimed at building an effective system of career guidance;
  • Interact with the authorities, including the territorial bodies of the civil service, human employment, departments of education, youth policy, as well as with social organizations and their associations, employers to assist in the effective employment of graduates;
  • create and publish online an electronic bank of vacancies for the employment of graduates offered by employers in the relevant areas of training (specialties) and a data bank of candidates – university students, including information on their professional competence and personal characteristics;
  • students the technologies of achieving success in employment, skills of professional career of a modern competitive specialist, effective methods of self-presentation, the rules of a resume writing and interviewing in cooperation with companies teach. Conduct activities with potential employers, that contribute to determine the future employment of students and graduates: such as job fairs, career days, workshops, presentations of employers, etc;
  • conducting interviews, the selection of candidates for the practice, and the selection of personnel for vacant posts at the request of the employer;
  • carry out direct communication between students, university graduates and employers’ organizations;
  • promote the effective functioning of the system of development and support of volunteerism, which is based on the interaction of public authorities, non-profit organizations and commercial companies;
  • analysis and monitoring of the labor market to identify changing requirements of employers to the professional competence of specialists implemented according to bachelor program, collection, recording and summarizing the results of the employment of graduates.

Office functions:

  • To develop common rules, organizational and methodical documentation necessary for professional practice (academic, industrial, undergraduate) of students, corresponding to the program of practice, job training plans, schedules of educational process and the requirements of The official internal documents of the University;
  • Planning of internships, organization of training and coordination of professional practice in areas of training (specialties);
  • Conducting career guidance activities designed to inform potential applicants about the conditions, rules of admission to the university and possibilities for perspective employment;
  • Assistance in employment and adaptation of graduates to the labor market on the basis of real demand for university graduates in specific areas of training (specialties).


Position FULL NAME. Degree Office Contact info
Coordinator Rakhimbekov Kairat Elemesovich Master of Law 340