Center of practice, career and employment of KAZGUU Law School/strong>
The Center of practice, career and employment of KAZGUU Law School (KLS CPCE) is a working body of M.S. Narikbaev KAZGUU Law School.

The purpose of KAZGUU Law School’s Center of practice, career and employment (KLS CPCE)

The purpose of the KAZGUU Law School Center of practice, career and employment is to assist students and graduates in building career plans, in developing practical skills and improving professional competencies that contribute to their competitiveness in the labor market.

Tasks of KLS CPCE
  • organize work on maintaining internal documentation and concluding contracts with the heads of enterprises (organizations, institutions), acting as a base of practice for students;
  • carry out activities aimed at building a system for the effective work on employment;
  • interact with authorities, including with state authorities, including territorial bodies of public service, employment of the population, departments of education, youth policy, as well as public organizations and their associations, employers to assist in the effective employment of graduates;
  • create and post on the website an electronic bank of vacancies for the employment of graduates offered by employers in the relevant areas of training (specialties);
  • train students on the technologies for achieving success in employment and the skills of a professional career of a modern competitive specialist, methods of effective self-presentation in employment, the rules for making a resume and the rules for interviewing an employer together with employers;
  • hold events with the participation of potential employers, helping students and graduates to decide on their future employment: job fairs, career days, trainings, presentations of employers, etc.;
  • conduct interviews, selection of candidates for internship, as well as selection of personnel for vacant positions at the request of the employer;
  • establish a direct link between students, university alumni and employing organizations;
  • analyze and monitor the labor market in order to identify the changing requirements of employers for the professional competencies of specialists implemented in the directions of bachelor studies’ training, collect, record and summarize information on the results of work on the employment of graduates.
KLS Center of practice, career and employment

Дёмин С.А.-minRakhimbekov Kairat Yelimessovich – manager of CPCE (coordinates students of ‘6B04201 – Jurisprudence/Law’ (language of instruction – Russian) and ‘6B04203 – Law and law enforcement’ (languages of instruction – Kazakh and Russian) educational programs. —





_MG_9838 тАФ ¦¦¦-¦¬¦¬TП-minYerezhepova Anargul Maratovna – manager of CPCE coordinates students of ‘6B04201 – Jurisprudence/Law’ (language of instruction – Kazakh) and ‘6B04202 – International law’ (languages of instruction – Kazakh and Russian) educational programs.





Working hours of KLS CPCE

Monday – Friday: from 9.00 to 18.00 (with a lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00)

Our contacts

Nur-Sultan, Korgalzhyn highway, 8, M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University, office 343
tel.: +7 (7172) 70-28-73

Regulations on KLS CPCE

Regulations on KLS CPCE