‘Before cutting something off measure it a hundred times!’

Be careful when you sign something! Any document must be carefully read (studied!) before signing, even if it is an ordinary agreement on the termination of the contract. It would seem simple truths, but, unfortunately, not observed.

Such inattention led the Adal Niet Foundation to a paradoxical dispute, which our Law Clinic undertook to sort out.

When terminating the lease agreement of the building, the director of the foundation did not pay attention to the content of clause 5 of the agreement on termination of the lease agreement, which sets out the guarantee by the tenant of the payment of the debt (non-existent) in the amount of “N” (with 6 zeros)!

We begin collecting evidence confirming the absence of debt. Fortunately, the payment documents have been preserved for the entire time of the lease relationship. Together with the Themis of KAZGUU Law School Aruzhan Mambetaliyeva, we are preparing an objection to the claim within the framework of cooperation between KAZGUU Law Clinic and the Adal Niet Foundation!