The Higher School of Law students took part in the Moot Court on English Law

KAZGUU University hosted an open lesson in the format of a Moot Court hearing (Game court hearing), based on the High Court of England model.  The open lesson comprised hearing a case of a citizen of Saudi Arabia who caused a car accident in London which led to the deaths of two or more people.  The defendant insisted on classifying the case as comparative negligence according to English law.

At the Moot Court hearing, both prosecution and defence argued their positions using English doctrines, precedents, statues, and the rules of interpretation of legal regulations.  “Due to the implementation of some provisions of English law into the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is a need of studying the principles of judicial proceedings and the specifics of English and Welsh law.  The students of the Higher School of Law, by learning about the legal system of England and Wales, build their competence in resolving civil and criminal cases based on the principles of the English law”, commented on her lesson Dina Suleymenova, a senior teacher of the Department of State Law disciplines.

The Moot Court hearing was attended by the management of the University, the leading specialists in criminal and civil law and the legal proceedings of Kazakhstan.