Assistance to the development and improvement of a Jury trial in Kazakhstan

Within the framework of the project “Assistance to the development and improvement of a jury trial in Kazakhstan” with a support of the British Embassy in Kazakhstan, the M. Narikbaev KAZGUU University implements a training session conducted by the Legal Policy Research Center (LPRC). The Session consists of 3 meetings: Guest Lecture, 1 meeting of the Discussion Club and a litigation modeling. Participation in this Program gives an opportunity to discuss perspectives and features of the Jury trial functioning in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as expand the range of knowledge in this field.

First meeting on the “JURY TRIAL: TO BE OR NOT TO BE?” will be held on September 14 1028.

The lecture will consider a history of the Jury trial institute in the world and Kazakhstan, the model of citizens’ participation in justice, advantages of a jury trial before the justice of professional judges, and main problems of the Kazakhstan jury trial. The lecture will be given by Ms. Tatyana Zinovich, an invited expert on jury trials, head of the LPRC.

3-4 students who study Criminal Procedural Law and Criminal Justice can take part in the Course. Students who have successfully participated in all 3 meetings will be credited with 1 (one) control activity in these disciplines

Number of seats is limited. For registration it is necessary to fill out the form no later than September 11. Students wishing to enroll in the Course and attend the first lecture on September 14 will be released with subsequent replenishment of

their study program. All other meetings’ time will be coordinated in accordance with the schedule of classes.

Everyone can join lectures as free listeners!

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