Profile of the graduate of the Higher School of Law at the KAZGUU University

A graduate of the Higher School of Law has extraordinary development of practical skills and the ability to effectively carry out professional activities on the basis of a developed sense of justice, legal thinking and legal culture. Graduates of the Higher School of Law is constantly striving for self-education and self-development in order to improve their professional competences.

Personal competences of the graduate from KAZGUU University:

− Honesty and the ability to be individually responsible;

− Strategic and independent thinking, and high goal orientation;

− Ability to work independently in an intercultural environment;

− The ability to form teams and work effectively in a team;

− The ability to make informed decisions and to evaluate the possible consequences of these decisions;

− The understanding, promotion and adherence to legal and ethical standards governing the relationship of man to man, society and the environment in the annex to the professional activity;

− The ability to assess the social, political, economic and cultural processes in the light of ethical and moral principles;

− Communicative competence in the field of professional and interpersonal communication.