The participants of the IV International Youth Legal Forum are identified

On November 12, a list of participants for the IV International Youth Legal Forum has been determined. The Forum will be held with a support of the OSCE Program Office in Astana and the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation.

According to the Regulation of the Forum, an evaluation was carried out according to the following criteria: relevance, novelty and originality of the idea (up to 30 points); reasoning of ideas with an obligatory use of normative legal acts, materials of judicial and other law enforcement practice (up to 40 points); the possibility of practical use of the ideas (up to 30 points). In addition, each work was checked for plagiarism in the TurnItIn system. Besides plagiarized works, letters registered after the deadline has expired, as well as works of Master program students, were also unable to participate in the competitive selection.

The assessment was carried out by four judges, the final score was the arithmetic average of all the members of the selection committee.

Organizing committee and expert commission noted a high level of prepared works, and in this regard it was decided to expand a number of the Forum participants. Thus, the full-time part of the Competition included 010 foreign participants, 8 participants from various cities of Kazakhstan and 18 participants from Astana. This year students from Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Karaganda), the Kyrgyz Republic, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine will take part in the Forum.

We congratulate the participants selected for the Forum! In addition, we are pleased to announce that, a collection of reports will be issued following the results of the Forum.

We also thank all the participants who showed interest in the Forum, we wish you not to stop being active in protecting human rights and show great achievements!

Detailed statements of assessment can be downloaded here.

At the end, we invite you to familiarize yourself with 4 applications received the highest score in the evaluation, which can bedownloaded here.